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The Power of the Mastermind.....is Wisdom In Numbers

Success and failure is a fact of life, nothing more nothing less. How we deal with both of these challenges (just ask lottery winners who find themselve broke in less that 12 months after a major win) will determine which road we as entrepreneurs and business owners chose to travel down. Napoleon Hill in his book "Laws of Success" and later the condensed version that sold millions of copies world wide "Think and Grow Rich"  set down 15 Laws of Success which still apply to this day dispite the first of these books being written in the early 1920's. He established that regardless of where we come from or how wealthy we are, there are definite strategies to becoming as successful as we want to be, all we have to do is apply them.

Behind every great person... are a bunch of other people



W.I.N. Mastermind Groups is an organization who's primary objective is to provide a Business Hub for all businesses irrespective of the length of time in business, an alternative to the current trend of one-on-one mentoring and coaching. We provide a nurturing environment based on the concept that Napoleon Hill described in his book 'Laws of Success' and Think and Grow Rich' that encourages the utilization of  shared skills, knowledge, experience, co-operation and accountability within the groups to move each individual member forward on the road to achieving ultimate success.  

Assisting in the growth of successful businesses

Mastermind Groups

Assisting in the growth of successful businesses. These are small  facilitated groups with the prime objective of utilizing the skills, knowledge, experience and co-operation of the group to move each individual member forward on the road to achieving ultimate success.

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Business Referral Network

A Referral Network creates the opportunity for businesses to exchange referrals and make contact with potential customers through a organized referral network structure. The Network's full focus is on making contact, getting to know fellow members, passing on of referrals.

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Business Rescue

An opportunity for slow-growing, under-performing or  businesses in distress to get an independent detailed business review, including a report of the findings and the steps necessary to find solutions or alternative options to be able to made chart the future direction of the business.

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Business Workshops

Our workshops both live and online provide an interactive experience covering areas of business and personal skills, including strategic planning, marketing, successful selling techniques, social network marketing and presentations. More than just a seminar or PowerPoint presentation.

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